Sunday, 31 March 2013

Anagram Queen (Grimm spoiler)

To begin, normally I am horrible at anagrams.

But this week's Grimm episode featured a creature who had committed multiple murders by slicing people in half over the centuries and had been known by many names.  It's taunting its victims, asking them to remember his name.

Our plucky hero realized all the names had the same number of letters, making it an anagram.  So they came up with a program which spit out all the possible combinations, over 200 possibilities.

Finally they found the name the creature was using: TRINKET LIPSLUMS.

Two seconds later, I realize it's an anagram for RUMPELSTILTSKIN.

It was a nice play on the original story.  In the original, Rumpelstiltskin spins straw into gold for the miller's daughter while she's imprisoned.  She's in terror of being caught out by the king, especially after he makes her his queen.  (Gotta go with the wealth over the heart apparently.)  Rumpelstiltskin demands her first child as payment for his services but if she guesses his name, the payment is off.  She manages it and everything turns out well.

In the Grimm episode, Rumpelstiltskin writes a phenomenal new programming code which promises to make the gaming company our victims work for incredibly rich.  The team who takes the credit ends up getting killed one by one until one victim and our hero team up and reveal the creature's name.  It was a nice modern twist and even nicer that it wasn't immediately recognizable.

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