Friday 22 March 2013

Alex Skates With Spartacat

Alex tried hockey this year and really loved it.  His natural athletic ability made it easy to learn the basics.

For a finale to his skating season, he got to go to Scotiabank Place and skate with Spartacat.

He had a great time.  He even got his jersey signed.

He was fascinated with Spartacat and kept going up to the mascot.  Alex would come right up to him and grin and say "Meow."

Now, Sparty is not allowed to talk but he would thump his knee and shake his head then point at Alex.  Alex understood this meant that Sparty thought he was funny and the game began. 

Once again I have to say thank you to the Senators for making a little boy thrilled and happy.  I guess I'm going to have to stop referring to myself as a non-hockey fan.  I may not care about the lineups or our playoff status, but the team is definitely working its way into my good books.

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