Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A Morning Giggle and Making of the Day

This morning we were in a rush.  Through various small delays, we ended up running around trying to get the boys ready for school rather than having time to take things slowly.

Usually Alex gets to have a few minutes of playing outside before his van picks him up.  However, today the van arrived while I was still trying to get him to pull on his socks.  Eeep! So I rushed him into his gear and hustled him out the door and got him into the van with a minimum of fuss.  So far, so good.

Until I get a call 15 minutes later. 

"Hello, um, did Alex have boots when he left the house today?"

Me: <surprised>  "Yes, of course he had boots."

"Are you sure?"

<Glancing down the hall at the front door>  "Of course I'm ... uh-oh."

The boots are sitting in the front hallway.

Alex being a determined and creative kind of kid, the staff at school had been tearing the van apart for the last five minutes trying to figure out where he stashed his boots.

Despite a nagging feeling that I might qualify for an identifying tag which reads "negligent mother," I'm still getting a good laugh out of the idea of Alex running out the door in his socks.  He doesn't like his boots and tries a sock-only exit at least once a week.  Today he finally got his wish. 

At least the driveway was dry.

The other completely awesome thing which happened was when a parent told me that he and his wife found my website to be really helpful.  Their child has just been diagnosed so they're only beginning their adventure in autism-world. 

It's the reason I started this site in the first place (and out of a hope that I would soon have published novels to promote) and it makes my day to know that it's helped.

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