Saturday 9 February 2013

ORWA Valentine Lunch Update

Despite my concerns, the lunch went really well last weekend.  I even got to spend some time chatting with people rather than constantly running behind the scenes to keep things together.

It was a smaller group than last year but I think we still had a good time.

And people liked the decorations I made.  Here are the globes I did up for the tables:

The theme was Passion and so I used red and purple with gold accents as my colours.  I got red and purple glass stones and used metallic confetti as an accent.  I also made the little flower bundles: three paper roses and some purple silk flowers with the ribbons.

I also did up little scroll holders for the volunteer awards:

I think they turned out as a nice memento.  I did up a special award for Nathan because he ended up be dragged along on a fair number of shopping expeditions and bureaucratic stops.

Thanks to everyone at ORWA for helping out and making it a good event.  As coordinator, I set the stage but it takes everyone to make it a great time.

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