Wednesday 20 February 2013

More Thoughts on Toileting

After some careful observation, I'm coming to the conclusion that maybe the mental block is disgust.

After all, no one really likes BMs, not even the 2nd grade boys who find the word hilarious.

So I'm working on a "not that bad" campaign.  Unpleasant perhaps, but necessary.

We sat down and had a talk about how poop is just leftover food.  It's the parts of the food his body doesn't need and it gets rid of it so he can have more food.  I'm also trying to get him used to the sight of poop being in the toilet.

Maybe this information campaign will work.  Maybe not.

But I'm much more comfortable with it than with using shame or punishment.

I'm also going to use the power of his imagination.  I got this idea from one of the mommy blogs that popped up during my internet search.  She and her son made up little stories about Mr. Mucky and how he likes to swim in the toilet.  So I've made up my own Mr. Mucky story (complete with cartoony illustrations).

I've wanted to be a professional writer for a long time.  This wasn't quite what I had in mind but if it works, I'll take it.

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