Tuesday 12 February 2013

Alex Rides the Zamboni

Not a metaphor.

An actual Zamboni.

Last night we got a call that Alex had been selected to ride the Zamboni at tonight's Ottawa Senators game.  There was a little parental hemming about it being a school night but we decided to jump on the chance.  We'd been putting his name into the draws for months (even before the strike was resolved) and didn't want to let this opportunity pass.

Alex loves the Zamboni.  It's the big draw for going to the hockey arena.  His brother's drama class pickup used to be timed with the local arena's Zamboni cleaning the ice and Alex loved to watch it.

The whole family trooped out to watch Alex's big event, even though it was waaa-aaay late on a school night and we know we'll all pay for it tomorrow.  But it was worth it.

There were two Zambonis clearing the ice and at first I was trying to pick out which one was Alex.  First kid, waving to the crowd.  Second kid, hands pressed to ears.  Bing!  That one's mine.

But looking at the video shot by various relatives, you can see Alex is actually talking to both the Zamboni driver and some of the crew on the ice. 

Alex was really interested and looking around.  He had a fantastic time and wanted to go again. 

Thank you to Canadian Tire and the Ottawa Senators for making a little boy's dream come true.

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