Tuesday 22 January 2013

Single Parent Testing Night

Although the figure is disputed, both Oprah and Jenny McCarthy claimed that 80 percent of families split up after a diagnosis of autism.

Certainly any kind of life-changing event can end up revealing the cracks in a marriage although I'm skeptical of the high percentage.

Tonight, Dave is off at a local hockey game.  He went straight from work so from the morning on, I've effectively been a "single" parent.  I tend to use these evenings to remind myself of how much he does to help.  To be clear, I'm not planning divorce but it's a good reminder to have in my head when he frustrates me by accidentally shutting off the alarm or any of the other minor really irritating habits any spouse has (including me).

It's been a challenge tonight.  Even though I cheated and ordered pizza so I wouldn't have to do as many dishes.  There's a lot of work to take care of and with only one person to do it, I feel like I've been flying back and forth without any time for myself.

It makes me more appreciative of all that Dave does. 

And tomorrow night, it'll be his turn while I go out to a movie.  :)

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