Sunday 27 January 2013

I Get To Be A Test Reader

One of the authors in the ORWA group asked for a test reader for her new historical novel.  I offered and she accepted.

I'm quite excited about this but also a little nervous.

I'm a fairly demanding reader.  I expect a lot from the authors that I buy and I can get very detail oriented when it comes to language.

My concern is, how much detail should I go into?  There's a fine line between providing editing critiques and expecting the author to write it the way you would have.  This is a little different than working on a friend's story.  There's a good relationship underneath to help smooth over any professional pinches.  I don't know this person except professionally.  I want to do a good job but also don't want to overstep my boundaries.

I think I'll start with a chapter by chapter analysis.  I'll send the first chapter and ask her if it's too much detail or if she wants more.  If I've gone too far, then she can let me know and I'll scale back.

Hopefully the fine art of diplomacy can allow me to still be effective without hurting feelings.

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