Monday 14 January 2013

Dollhouse Makeover Update

I've discovered I don't do well at vague plans.  I had promised Nathan that he and I would rebuild my old dollhouse but haven't done much with it since September.

Recognizing that and having listened to a lot of eager little questions about when we would fix the dollhouse, I made a plan.  Every Thursday afternoon.

This week, I tackled the most damaged part.  The tower.

Several walls had popped out and a lot of the trim had been yanked off.  You can see the damage here.

You can see on the left that a wall is missing, leaving just the internal wallpaper.  On the right, the wall broke in half and in the middle, all the trim popped off.  I spent a fair bit of time sorting through the bits of debris I saved from when the accident happened.  I have all eight sections from the octagonal roof, plus the octagonal base, which is good because those would have been a real pain to refabricate.

I spent my time gluing while Nathan played inside the house.  The results ended up looking pretty good.

I still need to reglue all the white trim back on, which will be tricky.  Impatient though I can be, I decided to give the walls a good chance to settle before gluing trim.

My next big decision is whether to reshingle the roof.  The current shingles are black construction paper and have faded very unevenly.  The bits of roof I have saved are much darker than the bits which have been in the sun.  Apparently there is a ton of dollhouse-related industry sites on the internet.  I could see this becoming a very expensive hobby very quickly.

I'm missing two bits of plastic molded siding, so I also have to decide how I'm going to replace them.  Right now I'm somewhat at a loss.  I'll have to match it carefully for texture and colour.  No luck in finding a similar option online thus far.  I may have to send my grandmother an email to ask where she got the material.  Of course, this is several decades later, so I doubt it will still be available but it never hurts to ask.

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