Monday 7 January 2013

Actually Got Some Work Done

December was a bit of a bust for writing.  Sadly, most of what limped out of my brain is not worth saving.  My confidence in my plot and characters sank to a deep low.

Fortunately the ORWA workshop this weekend was an informal brainstorming session and so I was able to talk over my issues with other authors.  Which proved surprisingly helpful.  A plot which had begun to feel like a shallow bad episode of X-men (at least in my more fearful and depressed moments) has regained its clarity and purpose.

I know all writers go through these periods of self-doubt which is why a supportive group is a really good idea.

I managed to get some work done on clarifying what needs to be revised.  I may end up blowing my March 1st self-imposed deadline but I'll have a much better first draft to send out to my test readers.

And I even have an idea for a good title: Revelations. 

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