Monday 10 December 2012

Variety Show

Last week, we took the boys to a variety show.  They had a magician, Michael Bourada, Junkyard Symphony, an illusionist, Gabe, and an act called Mini-Circus.  The boys were predictably bored by the patter of the magician and illusionist but a few tricks caught their attention.

Bourada wrote the words "Bowling Ball" on a pad and drew a circle beneath.  Then he closed the pad and an actual bowling ball dropped onto the floor.  That got Alex's attention and he spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out where else bowling balls might be concealed.

Junkyard Symphony was fun and loud.  They bang on various homemade instruments and are very heavy on the audience participation.  Nathan was quite disappointed that he didn't get chosen but I was a little relieved.  He's quite sensitive to implied criticism and wouldn't have done well with being the butt of the joke.

Alex lost patience before the end, which is a shame because I think he really would have liked Mini-Circus.  The act is a woman who does hula hoop and acrobatic tricks.  For her grand finale, she turned off the house and stage lights and used an LED hula hoop and little spinning balls on strings.  Nathan was getting a little worn out and frustrated with not being chosen for any of the audience participation but he still thought that was pretty cool.

Overall, not our best outing, but some encouraging results.  Nathan was able to sit through almost the whole two hour show and showed definite interest.  Even Alex paid attention for some of it but the whole event was too long for him.

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