Sunday 16 December 2012

Superhero ABCs

First off, a must have for any self-respecting geek parent.  It is written and drawn by Bob McLeod of both Marvel and DC fame.  Lots of in-jokes for parents.
Like this one, mocking my beloved Wolverine.  It's from the X page, for the Team from Planet X.

Here we have the cuddly beaver.  With it's lovely red and yellow uniform with the Xs on the shoulder.

    And here we have everyone's favourite Canadian superhero, Wolverine.  With his yellow and black uniform ... in the exact same pose.  You be the judge.

But my absolute favourite is this one.  The page is from T, the Terrific Three (not a reference to the Fantastic Four or the Thing in any way, of course.)  His name is the Thingamajig and he has a Temper but is Ticklish.
And here's a picture of Elmo.  Note the eerie similarities ...
Who knew?  Elmo's going to be a superhero when he grows up.

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