Tuesday 25 December 2012

Santa's Letter

I thought I'd share with you the story from this year's letter from Santa:

We’ve had a wonderful year here, up North.  You remember our friend, Polar Bear, who wandered in a few years ago?  He found himself a beautiful wife and now he’s a Daddy Polar Bear to two little cubs.  We call them Dagfinnr and Hinrik.  Little Dagfinnr likes to explore, especially in my workshop!  Hinrik prefers to curl up with my wife and keep her feet warm while she knits and sews by the fire.

It’s been so nice having some little ones around the place.  Dag was poking about in the workshop and got his head caught in a basket.  He ran about, pawing at it and bellowing for his mother to come and help him.  All the elves and dwarves were trying to catch him so that we could take it off but he wasn’t going to sit still long enough to let us!  His mother poked her head through to see what the trouble was and gave a short bark.  Dag immediately sat down and Thistleleaf pulled off the basket.  You might think that would be the end of the trouble, but Dag stuck his head right back in to see how he’d gotten stuck the first time.  We’re still having a good chuckle over that.

The brothers have squabbles every now and then, like all brothers.  Dag will spend all day playing out in the snow and then want to come in and snuggle up with Hinrik by the fire.  But Hinrik does not want to share his warm spot with a cold and wet brother!  Or Hinrik will have found a spot by the ice to watch the seals and Dag will come charging over to see what’s going on, frightening them away.  But there are times they play together, too.  They love playing tag and hide and seek over the snow, running and plowing through the drifts.

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