Saturday 22 December 2012

Rotating Interests

I've been reading like a crazy woman of late and I've discovered something very important about myself.

If I read too much fiction, I get discouraged and disillusioned.

If I read too much non-fiction, I get cynical and over-analytical.

It makes sense.  Fiction is made up.  Things go badly but work out in the end (especially when you're reading romance novels).  My life has its challenges but I never quite get to ride off into the sunset with Gerard Butler and Hugh Jackman ( ... pause for happy thoughts ... )

Right.  Back.

Non-fiction tends to be written by passionate people.  Apathetic people rarely go to the trouble of typing up manuscripts.  Passionate people want to change things, specific things.  To do that, they must first convince you why the current system is flawed.  Which they do, in excruciating, if not always accurate, detail.

I've discovered the key to a peaceful and contented mind is rotation.  One fiction, one non-fiction.  So far, it's working.

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