Thursday 20 December 2012

Our Family Pictures

Having blogged earlier about our amazing photographer, Ryan Parent, I thought you all might like to see some of the photos we got out of it.

We tried something a little different this year.  Rather than the traditional sitting on a chair or sitting on the stairs for our family picture, I put a duvet on the floor and we all laid down on top of it.

After we had our group photo out of the way, Ryan essentially just followed us around, snapping pictures as they came up.



Nathan was not interested in interacting with Mommy and Daddy so no parent-child shot for him.  Instead, he decided Ryan must be his own personal photographer and thus he needed to pose for a photo shoot.

I tell ya, he's got the money pose down.  :)  But my favourites are some of the candid moments captured with the boys.

Especially this one of Alex with his Wheel of Fortune wheel I made him last year for his birthday.

I've got tons of great shots to choose from.  These are actually the leftovers after choosing the family photos to send out to our friends and relatives.  Twenty minutes in a department store studio could never match this. 

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