Monday 31 December 2012

One Year Down. Wow.

Last year I made a resolution to start a blog and to publish something every day.  In another two weeks, we'll pass the anniversary of my first post.  And I've done it.

I wondered if I'd run out of opinions.  I wondered if I'd end up speaking essentially to myself, lost in the vasty nothingness of cyberspace. 

But I didn't. 

I may not have a huge following, but there are people out there reading this blog and some of them are not related to me.  I still have lots of opinions and ideas I'm eager to share and more I think are important to share.

It means something to me that I've accomplished this.  It may look relatively meaningless in the bigger picture, but it was still a task I set myself and I've done it.

I'll continue to post as long as I feel I'm doing something meaningful.  Thank you to everyone who follows my ramblings.

I hope 2013 brings hope and happiness to you all.

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