Friday 14 December 2012

Not Much To Write About

With the strike action this week, I didn't get my regular writing time.  I'm pretty disappointed about it.  Especially since I don't see a good point in my upcoming schedule to fit it in.  I was supposed to have a massage on Saturday but now it looks like I'll have to cancel because of some unremembered and unexpected additions to the schedule.

I'm also starting to think about the summer and how I'm going to get writing time then.  (Or time for anything else.)  I don't know if we're going to have help or not, which will make a huge difference.  I may start having to set aside evenings during the week and see if I can make that work.

I'm a natural night person, which means my ideal writing time would probably be from 10pm to around 2am.  But then I wouldn't want to get up before eleven, which is not an option with active children and a husband with an out-of-the-house job.  I've discovered another good active point from 1pm until 4 ... but I have found that between 7 and 10, I'm kind of brain dead.  I want to watch other people's stories ... I don't even like to read then.

But maybe I can make it work with a little caffeine or an afternoon nap or something.  Okay, the afternoon nap might be a pipe dream what with the active children and outsourced husband. 

Guess I'll have to put my brain power down to finding a solution.

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