Friday 7 December 2012

Memos From Nick Fury

Dave found this site and passed it on.  Some of the notes are hilarious to a comic geek like me.

Here are some of my favourites:

"Whoever took Captain Rogers to see Inglorious Basterds and told him that's how World War II really ended will be found and punished."  (Captain Rogers being Captain America)

"Tony Stark is reminded that answering 'yes' to 'Can you help me for a second?' does not constitute  informed consent.  I don't care how cool your new flamethrower targeting system is."

"Stop telling Thor Odinson that 'It's hammertime' is a traditional Norse battle cry composed in his honor.  And whoever tried to insist on the dance moves will be punished."

"Anyone who suggests that Agent Romanoff would do her work better in a bikini will have to repeat the suggestion to her face.  Medical expenses will not be covered."  (Agent Romanoff is the Black Widow)

"We are not starting a Quidditch team.  Not even if some of our agents can fly."

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