Monday, 3 December 2012

Long Day

Today started at 3:30am and just kept going.  Which means it's going to be over shortly after the boys are in bed.

I'm a fairly competent multi-tasker and organizer but today stretched me a little further past my comfort zone than I was quite ready for.  I'm juggling four jobs, any one of which would be time-consuming but not hugely difficult.  Okay, being a mom is definitely difficult but the others, not so much.  Today I've been trying to balance my work as an office administrator, a housekeeper, a mom and the secretary to ORWA during our Executive transition.  Oh yeah, and trying to get my writing career going but writing anything beyond simple facts was beyond me today.

Not an easy task when my brain is sleep deprived.  Trying to keep track of my mental to-do list was tricky.

But here's the bit where I share the mental attitude which gets me through these days. 

It's okay to mess up.

There are a lot of messages out there about how you have to be perfect all the time, effortlessly perfect.  Failure is treated with the same horror as medieval plague boils. 

So I remind myself that mistakes aren't the end of the world.  They only become problems if I refuse to acknowlege them.  An open mistake can be fixed.  A hidden mistake becomes a time bomb.

Accepting my mistakes lifts an enormous amount of weight from my mind and spirit, giving me the energy to move past them. 

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