Saturday 15 December 2012

Holding On To Stress

One of my friends kindly offered me a Thai Yoga massage today.  (It's a form of massage that includes deep tissue manipulation and the masseuse folding your limbs into various positions and I find it's quite effective.)  He mentioned that I was carrying a lot of tension in my back, a sign of feeling burdened.

Well, duh?

There is a lot I'm trying to deal with and no matter how conscientious I am about making sure I have time to relax and work on my own projects, there's always something to worry about.  I read very dull and dense academic treatises at night so that my brain will shut down and actually let me get to sleep.  If it put me to sleep in university, it still puts me to sleep now.

He also mentioned that he carries his stress in his jaw, a sign his particular challenge is communication.  That got me wondering what else could carry stress and what the various body parts would mean.  Would tight and tense legs mean you long to escape?  Is pain behind the eyes a sign of someone who attempts to collect all knowledge?

Our bodies really do talk and betray the things we would most wish them to keep secret.  I've heard various figures of how much of communication is non-verbal, but it's usually well over half.  It's an interesting approach and one worth looking into for research.

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