Friday 16 November 2012

My Failed Attempt to Add to the Repetoire

I like singing bedtime songs to my boys.  Alex has been very faithful to Vanessa Carleton's A Thousand Miles, dethroning the Queen of Pop's Drowned World/Substitute for Love after a two year reign. 

Nathan's favourite is the Soft Kitty Song from the show Big Bang Theory.  Sometimes he'll ask for Sentimental Journey (the train song), The Rose or What a Wonderful World (the trees of green song). 

I like it but I get tired of singing the same thing all the time.  So I decided to throw a new one into the mix: Swinging On A Star.  I saw a You-Tube clip of Bruce Willis singing it during the otherwise skippable movie Hudson Hawk.  I sang it with my vocal jazz group back in high school and liked it.  A quick refresher on the lyrics and I was good to go.

Only the boys do not like it.  Maybe I'll be lucky and it will slip in somehow but for now, it's not joining the list for Mommy's Jukebox. 

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