Monday 5 November 2012

An Unfortunate Font Choice

We bought some discounted bulk CF bulbs recently and as I was putting them away, my eye caught on a word which should not appear on a box of lightbulbs.

I'm a skimming reader, so it's not unusual for me to think I've read something and then go back and discover I've mashed up two words from different lines.  But this particular word did not vanish as I looked closer.

The word was printed all in big black block capital letters: FLICKER

But it was mashed together enough that the space between the L and the I virtually vanished.

I'll give you a moment for adolescent glee.

I'm not generally a fan of the ha-ha, made you say a curse word type of humour.  I rolled my eyes at those who put an I in between the TO and LET on signs so they said toilet. 

But I cannot believe that made it past an advertising and marketing board.

Someone was definitely asleep at the switch.

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