Thursday 18 October 2012

Werewolf ... Not My First Thought

I finally got to sit down and watch last week's episode of Paranormal Witness which featured two stories.  One was a fairly mundane haunted house but the other caught more of my interest.

A family on the outskirts of a small town starts to notice strange tracks around their house.  The mom gets freaked out because she notices two glowing eyes watching her from the woods which surround their home.  The husband thinks she's just not used to rural life, until he sees something sitting on top of their porch roof.  He tracks the creature to another cottage deep in the woods.

(Up until the cottage, I was thinking this was a Bigfoot story but that doesn't fit.)

A friend identifies the cottage as belonging to a strange guy who works at the tire shop.  The husband and his friend go to the shop to get a look at him but the fellow eludes them.  A few weeks later, the fellow is dead (natural causes).  The deputy sheriff, who is a friend of this family, tells them they have to come see what was in the cottage.

Inside is a room which locks from the outside.  It is plated with steel and has manacles.  The steel has been scratched up by whatever was being held.  And the scratches show this room has been in use for some time.

Then the husband turns to the camera, and with a straight face, tells us that the old man was a werewolf.


Supernatural explanations are all well and good but my first thought goes more to a purely human psychopath.  Maybe it's too much Criminal Minds but there are such sick people out there who hunt others for fun. 

It was still an interesting story and something about it has caught and held my attention.  So it's worth thinking about a little more and seeing if I can develop something from it.

I still prefer the werewolves from the Twilight series though.

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