Friday 12 October 2012

Some People Just Can't Take A Break Up

We're currently undergoing a bad break-up.  You all know the type.  You've made it clear you're not interested anymore and yet your ex keeps calling and calling ...

What makes it interesting is that it's with the lender for our mortgage. 

Five years ago, we signed with them and we've gone about our business, paying them their money on time and without fuss.  It really felt like more of a casual relationship than something committed and exclusive.  At least on our end, but now I have to wonder if we were stringing them on somehow.

The term drew to a close and our broker took bids for the next term and a different lender offered us a better deal.  Not being idiots, we took it. 

Now the company which was playing aloof and hard to get for all these years turned into a begging, needy, clinging ex overnight.  They're calling us all the time, sometimes two or three times in a single day.

At first, they were playing it stern, telling us that we needed to sign with them before the end of our contract.  We shrugged and said "No, we don't."

Then they tried playing on our greed, hinting at bonuses or cashback.  When inquiries revealed the "prizes" would be paid for in increased interest rates, we said no.

Next came the whining.  This was a brief phase, mainly because I started hanging up on them as soon as I recognized the number.  It's rude, I know.  But I needed to get the message across.  Hopefully they'll eventually get it.

This business had no time for us when I was calling to ask to get our payments reduced after stopping work.  No help when Dave had cancer and we had no income.  And yet now they're moping like a heart-broken teenager because we've gone with someone else.  There's a part of me which wants to sit them down and ask (in my best Dr. Phil imitation) just what they were thinking? 

Goodbye, mortgage people.  It's time to do what everyone else does when the break-up finally hits home: go home, pull the curtains, grab some ice cream and listen to country music. 

We know you'll find someone else.

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