Sunday 7 October 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm taking today as an opportunity to focus on the things I'm happy about with no sarcasm. 

Today I'm grateful for:

My family.
My health and my children's health.
All the support we've received this year from family and friends.
Living in a society where I am valued on my merits instead of dismissed.
Dr. Seuss's ability with words and meter which turns a forty page book into a three minute read.
Joss Whedon's ability to make me laugh in less than three words.
Having the opportunity to have hundreds, if not thousands, of stories available in a variety of formats whenever I want them.
Having a job that works for us and makes me feel useful.
Children who appreciate Madonna.
Quality children's music from The Wiggles.
Being a fan of both romance and science fiction.  Satisfying and makes you think.
Still having my passport to Neverland.
Living in a country where my leaders annoy me but don't terrify me.
Being able to say what I think without any fear bigger than looking foolish.
My iPod, full of all the music that makes up my life.
Still believing there's more out there.
My favourite shows on DVD.
The privilege of understanding so much about the universe which mystified my ancestors.
Room service.
The dual burdens of freedom and responsibility. 
Still being able to cry watching Beaches.
Having a heart that still feels love.
Having an imagination.
Delicious food.
Comfortable shoes.
Pretty clothes.
A home.
Still feeling hope.

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