Saturday 6 October 2012

A Well Earned Vacation

"Earned" may be a strong adjective.

"Won" is more accurate.

Dave and I won a draw for a two night stay in a local hotel as part of a respite program for families with autism, run through Quickstart.

Tonight our parents come to the house to take care of our kids and we get to vamoose to a hotel to enjoy the unprecedented luxury of getting to sleep through an entire night.

Tears come to my eyes at the beautiful thought.

(Yes, we are getting old when a hotel weekend means actual sleep instead of something that could serve as an erotica outline.  But I'm cool with that because it means I'm going to get some sleep ... and my parents read this blog which makes it a little weird otherwise.)

A full twenty four hours of sleep, reading, sleep, some TV, sleep and more sleep.  Sounds like a fabulous vacation to me.

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