Tuesday 4 September 2012

SYTYCD - Top 10 and Top 8

Being away has really put a crimp in my TV watching but I've managed to soldier through my two saved episodes of So You Think You Can Dance.

My favourites from the Top 10 show were:

The disco number with Tiffany and Brandon.  It was fun, flirty and fast-paced, everything disco should be.  I thought Tiffany really committed to the role and it was good to see her not holding back as the sweet little girl.  I loved Cole and Anya in the cha-cha.  Always good to watch a man be able to move his hips and still be masculine.  The concept of the shadow dance for Lindsay and Jacob's Broadway routine was really neat.

But my hands-down favourites were Cyrus and Jamie's post-apolcalyptic dance and Eliana and Alex's contemporary piece.  Cyrus did an amazing job and it was great to finally see Eliana stretch herself.

On the down side, I did not like Chehon's hip hop routine.  Rather than precise and crisp, he struck me as being jerky and sloppy.  And I was very tired of the she's-so-sexy-she-makes-me-forget-everything theme to George and Alison's dance.  It's repetitive and I'd like to see some depth to the female characters besides just sexy.

The Top 8 was an amazing show with a lot of really great routines.  It was hard to choose a favourite.

Cole and Eliana were both stand-outs.  Cole's one handed lift was impressive and he really fit in with Sonja's choreography.  And Eliana conquered the dreaded quickstep.  Cole and Cyrus both had amazing solos.  I was glad to have the chance to watch them do their thing, since their styles won't come up in regular competition.

Everyone really stepped up their game.  Witney managed to keep up with Twitch.  Will put aside his adorable puppy personality to show off a dark and brooding side.  Chehon managed to connect with his partner for the first time and Tiffany threw herself into the Celine Dion routine.  I would not have wanted to be deciding who went home because I couldn't have done it with any kind of satisfaction.

I think the only jarring note was whoever decided to let Nigel pull a Don Cherry.  Every time the camera came to him, I had a blink-aback from that very, very red jacket.

Only two more episodes to see.  I'll be very interested to see how they go.  But I'm putting out my prediction now:  Eliana as America's Favourite Girl and Cole as America's Favourite Guy.

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