Wednesday 12 September 2012

Sex and the City 2

I just watched the second Sex and the City movie and I was very disappointed.

I enjoyed the carefree fun, fashion and frolics of the foursome back when they were on HBO.  The first movie felt like a girlfriend reunion and I enjoyed it.

This one, not so much.

Maybe I've just grown up and moved on.  It's hard for me to feel sympathy and connection with characters who can drop over a grand on shoes. 

But I honestly think the writing just wasn't there.  They relied too heavily on making Samantha (my favourite character) into a predictable punchline.  Carrie reverted back to being the whiny, self-sabotaging girl I was never too fond of, rather than growing as a woman.  And moving the whole thing to the United Arab Emirates was ill-conceived.

The only part I really enjoyed was Charlotte and Miranda talking about the trials of motherhood.  Those two characters had actual growth through the movie and they got to keep their growth from the series.

Too bad.  Ah well.

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