Thursday 6 September 2012

Nathan's First Day of School

Today Nathan had his first day of senior kindergarten.  As it worked out, Alex had his first day then a day off because of a staggered start.  So Nathan went to school and Alex stayed home.

There were only four students in Nathan's class today.  Tomorrow the rest of the senior kindergarteners join and then the junior kindergarteners to make up the rest of the split class.

The small number of students taking English kindergarten instead of the French Immersion classes made me wonder if we were making the right decision all over again.  It was recommended that we not confuse Nathan's language issues any further by adding a new language, particularly one Dave and I aren't fluent in.  But there's a bias in our school system that the smart kids will take French Immersion.  Nothing official, but a lot of parents still push their kids into the french class.  As a result, I'm guessing most of the kids in the english program are there because their parents feel they can't make it in immersion.  I worry Nathan will end up bored and underachieving.

But worrying too far ahead is borrowing trouble and I have enough to deal with as is.

He had a good first day, liked his teacher and seemed confident and happy to be going to school. 

After Nathan came home at lunch, I decided today would be our last family summer day.  We went to get the photo taken for Alex's special bus pass (one that lets him have a companion ride free) and then we went to a local museum, one of Alex's favourites.  It's full of escalators and elevators that talk.  So we didn't get much of an educational experience but I think he still had a lot of fun.  Nathan discovered the theatre in the children's wing and spent a lot of time declaiming to Shelby and dashing in and out of the curtains.

On the way home, we stopped for a Tim Horton's drive-thru.  It's always funny to watch the attendant's face as we pull up.  I give the money to Alex and let him hand it through which means I pull forward until the rear passenger window is next to the service window.  The attendant always gets a little concerned and then a smile as he or she realizes the child will be paying and collecting the order.  It's a nice way to end the day.

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