Sunday 16 September 2012

Happy Anniversary to Me

My husband and I have long been on opposite sides of a very important war about flowers.  He dislikes having to buy bouquets only to watch them die a week later.  I like having flowers around the house as decoration, although I have a black thumb and even potted plants have a short lifespan around me.

For many years, this has made celebrating our anniversary difficult.  I tried to persuade him that quality jewelry was an acceptable substitute for flowers but apparently spending money on sparkly stuff wasn't any more acceptable.

A few years ago, I hit on a good idea.  I was in a Michael's craft store and noticed the high quality of the artificial flowers.  They felt nice to the touch and had a good colour to them (my usual complaints for artificial flowers). 

I suggested to my husband that he buy me an artificial flower every year for our anniversary and I would collect them all in a vase to display.  I get my colour, he doesn't have to watch flowers die .... he still has to spend money but it's mostly a win all around.

This year, I have a lovely giant yellow chrysanthemum and a giant orange rose.

Happy Anniversary to me.

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