Monday 3 September 2012

Flying Home

Leaving from a vacation is never quite as fun as leaving for it.

We did manage a stop for a comparison photo at Horseshoe Canyon.  We had a picture with Alex there the last time we were in Drumheller.

And here is the updated photo.  Nathan declined to get out of the car and we decided not to push it.

Having allowed for plenty of time for difficulties at the airport, we didn't run into a single one.  This left lots of time for waiting, which meant cranky children.  Nathan was more than ready to shake Alberta's dirt from his shoes and return home and kept asking if the plane had come to take us home.  He also didn't quite understand why we couldn't just go onto any plane around and it would take us home.

The flight home was a little more difficult, but the autism shirts helped again.  The novelty of flying, and the Treehouse programs available, had worn off.  But we made it back and managed to extract our car and get home.

I want to take a moment to thank Shelby publicly for her amazing help.  She handled a lot of the grunt work so that Dave and I could concentrate on the kids and the reunion.  It meant a lot.  I think she wore herself out and I hope she enjoys her week off.  She earned it.

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