Sunday 30 September 2012

Don't Panic

I am okay.

The computer is not.

Our beloved computer, cranky and mischevious to the end, has gone to the big recycling store in the sky ... or special hazard waste depot outside the city.  Choose the metaphor you find more comforting.

This means I am stuck with having to borrow time on other people's computers in order to post for the blog.  Which is doable, but not on a daily basis.  So I'm going to be sporadic for the next few weeks until our shiny new computer arrives.  I'll try and download posts in advance as much as possible but there will probably be gaps.

There's plenty to talk about and I hadn't appreciated how much I was relying on this blog to share my opinions.  Poor Dave has been subjected to many lectures varying from the awesomeness of Joss Whedon, the sadness of this season's new TV offerings (except Elementary, I'm loving that show), the vagarities of the Canadian Criminal Justice System, the peculiar decision of Nathan's elementary school to prevent parents from walking their children up to the kindergarten yard, my sadness about removing Alex from his last integrated program (Beavers).  I think this is why he's decided to fast-track the new computer's arrival in the vague hopes that I will shut up and lecture you all instead.

Professionally, I've been doing well in my new job and with my writing.  I managed to complete another two chapters after my awesome 2500+ word writing day.  I also went to an amazing workshop on plotting and writing a synopsis which has sent me back to the drawing board but promises to return a much better first draft.

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