Thursday 20 September 2012

Beaver Camp (Not as dirty as it sounds)

This weekend I'm strapping on my big girl shoes and joining my boys at Beaver camp.

Did I mention I hate bugs and outhouses?  That grass makes me sneeze?  That I generally prefer Nature as a channel rather than an in person experience?


Still going to happen.  This is something they're going to love and so I will summon up my Mommy strength and smile like I love it too.  Because it's important to them.

My husband thinks I shouldn't post this, that it might break the illusion of my voluntary participation.  But I disagree.  This is one of the ways I show my boys that I love them, by my willingness to go do something I don't like and do it with a smile on my face so that they don't feel bad about having a good time.  To me, that means more than going ahead to do something I already like.

I'm breaking out a Dr. Phil quote again.  Or at least, a paraphrase.  Wouldn't it suck if our children could only experience the things we already like?  Since they are bound to only like some of what we like, it would really narrow their experience of life.  Sharing your interests with your kids is important but it's also important to help them explore things they might show a passing interest in.

For my loyal readers, it means I'm going dark for two days.  I'll be back on Sunday with an update of how it went.  Assuming they haven't locked me in a mental hospital for going stark raving mad ... if they haven't come for me yet, they're probably not going to. 

Wish me luck.

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