Thursday 20 September 2012

An Excellent Writing Day

Yesterday I got two and a half hours to write and I managed to write a whole chapter.  Over 2500 words done.  I'm feeling pretty awesome about that.

Writing from a handwritten outline is working well for me.  I'm wondering if part of the trouble I had before was that I had to switch screens on my computer to go back and forth between the outline and the text I was writing.  Now I just have to glance off to the side.

I've also put together character sheets for my main characters with a photo and basic notes about description.  But I'm also using those sheets to inscribe notes such as behaviour tics (tapping fingers while nervous) or if I want to use a theme to describe a particular character (snake metaphors, cat metaphors, etc).  I'm hoping it will keep my writing consistent and save me some work in rewrites.

If I can keep going at this pace and keep committed to my writing days, I have a real chance at getting this manuscript done before my six month target.

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