Sunday 19 August 2012


This is huge!

Alex ate a slice and a half of pepperoni pizza.

I'll give you all a moment to digest (pun only half-intended).  My son who has been unwilling or unable to tolerate solid food for his entire life, sat down and ate pizza like it was no big deal.

I told Alex and Nathan we were ordering pizza for supper and Alex was unusually demanding about it, asking about the pizza every ten minutes or so.  When it arrived, he grabbed the box and took it to the kitchen.  I asked him if he wanted a piece (thinking he would say no) and he told me "yes" very emphatically.

I put it on his plate, expecting he might push it around a little but then walk away, but instead he picked up and began to nibble on it.  Small bites but definitely bites.  Dave and I are staring at him with our jaws quivering on the table but he's very casual, eating it as if he's been eating pizza every day of his life.

We told him we were incredibly proud of him and praised him but we were careful not to make too big a deal out it.  In the past Alex has gotten turned off his accomplishments if we make too much fuss.  Dave snapped some pictures for photo evidence.

Alex has been making some nibbling forays into the world of solid food for the last year.  He's been willing to try some things.  Always on his own terms and never if there's a fuss or demand on him.  We're hoping this means his curiousity is starting to overwhelm his sensitivity and reluctance to change.

This isn't a breakthrough but it is a great sign of potential.  It doesn't mean he's "cured" of his sensitivities.  And it doesn't mean we can start him on a diet of solids right away.  But it's evidence that his sensitivity can be overcome and that means we're on the right track.

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