Friday 24 August 2012

Face Off (Spoilers)

 A good start for this season of Face Off, the other reality show I watch.  I haven't had a chance to learn everyone's name yet but I did a little happy dance when Joe left the building.  I really felt for his partner, stuck with a non-team player and a horrible makeup job.  I don't know how Joe got on the series, the two makeup jobs he did were basically just mass plastered over the face.

But enough about him.  He's gone!

This week's challenge was to create a Star Wars-esque alien for a cantine scene on Tattooine.  I was thrilled about this because, first, I love Star Wars and second, I enjoy the alien makeups much more than the horror ones.

My favourite was the Dagobah alien.  I thought she was perfect and really captured a Star Wars atmosphere.  They thought out some great details like the breathing apparatus for a tropical rainforest creature in a desert world.  The paint job and sculpture looked organic, the model could move and emote.  It was fabulous.

But I can't be too upset over the choice of winner.  It may not have been as classically Star Wars but they did an amazing amount of work.  They built a robot body to hide the model and then this tiny little Buddha alien to operate the robot.  Hats off to both of them.  Another well thought out concept with great execution.

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