Friday 10 August 2012

Dark Knight Rules

I went to see The Dark Knight Rises and it was just as amazing as promised.  I could pick on some details which didn't quite come together but the truth is, those details don't matter.  The movie was awesome.  I cried more than once, which is unusal for me these days, especially for an action-comic movie.  But that's how real the characters felt to me.

I was worried I would be disappointed, especially after I loved Batman Begins and The Dark Knight so much.  The last movie in a trilogy is often a letdown.  The Matrix series is my best example of that.  The first two movies were amazing but the third didn't live up to expectations.  I'm a geek and a writer, which means it is inevitable that I start thinking up plots and ideas in my head, no matter how I try not to.

The Nolan brothers didn't do what I would have done but they still took me on an incredible journey and left me satisfied with the ending.

On a side note, I was somewhat alarmed at a trend I noticed in the previews.  Every single movie they showed was part of a franchise.  Taken 2, Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2, The Hobbit, Total Recall, Man of Steel and The Campaign.  The Will Ferrell movie may not be an official sequel or remake, but his comedies are a predictable formula so I count them as a franchise.

Hollywood is getting very conservative in their choices.  They want to focus exclusively on what's worked before.  This really hampers creativity and originality, which leads to boring stories with bigger budgets as they hope to reignite the old magic.  Hopefully the trend corrects itself soon.

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