Tuesday 3 July 2012

Summer Update

We have begun our summer schedule and so far, I think it's going fairly well.  We've added some new activities this year.

Nathan is starting at the beginner level of a local martial arts school.  Here's a picture of him in his new gi, trying out his new moves.  I would like to take credit and say he's a natural but the truth is, this neatly balanced pose is actually the split second before he fell off the stool.

The school is very good.  There are four instructors, all very high energy (Seriously high energy, it's like watching children's television performers).  Things are kept on a very fun, casual level.  At the end of every class there's a dodgeball game of kids vs. parents. 

Alex has begun horseback riding through a special program for children with disabilities.  He spent a great deal of his first lesson seeing whether or not the staff would back down on demands if he misbehaved but the staff were quite used to it.  Despite his attempts to convince us all he was miserable, there were a few moments when he forgot the performance and actually began to relax and smile and enjoy himself.

The staff was very nonchalant.  There was one assistant on either side and another leading the horse.  I'm hoping he'll settle down and relax once he accepts that he'll have to do the work.  The horse impressed me with his patience.  Alex tried banging his head while in the saddle but the horse simply stood there before glancing back at him with an exhaled hrummph.

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