Monday 16 July 2012

A Great Line

I recently found a copy of the most recent Green Lantern movie in the bargain bin for less than four dollars.  I hadn't seen it but as an avowed comic book geek, I felt I should and the price was less than renting the movie.  Easy decision.

The movie itself wasn't great, although it had some good moments.  There were a few too many obvious nods to other science fiction, fantasy and comic classics.  (Though I was grateful they minimized the obvious Lord of the Rings references.)  However, as my husband likes to put it, we've enjoyed far worse movies.

However, there was one moment which made the movie for me.  It is when Ryan Reynolds is trying to maintain his secret identity with a little mask and a husky voice.  He can't resist going back to his love interest in his superhero persona and she sees through him, hitting him in the arm as she realizes who he is:

Girl: "Hal? ... Hal?"
Hal: "How'd you know it was me?"
Girl: "We grew up together!  I've seen you naked!  You really think I wouldn't recognize you because I can't see your cheekbones!"

It's a triumphant strike for every geek who found it utterly implausible that otherwise intelligent women (cough-Lois Lane-cough) can be fooled with a little bit of latex and hair gel.

Speaking of ragging on the unbelievable gullibility of Ms. Lane, I must also honour the two great lines from the only Superman franchise I ever enjoyed, TV's Lois and Clark.

The first is from the pilot where Superman's mom, Mrs. Kent, is making his superhero costume.  He tries on all sorts of ridiculous combinations before settling on the classic blue and red.  His mom, frazzled from marathon sewing, glances at the red briefs and comments:

Mom: One things for sure, no one's going to be looking at your face.
Clark: (trying to cover up) Moo-oom!
Mom: Well, honey, they don't call them tights for nothing.

The second is from a bizarre episode where someone comes back from the future and asks to meet Lois Lane, "the stupidest woman in the universe ... (pretends to take glasses off and on) I'm Clark Kent .... I'm Superman .... I'm Clark Kent ... I'm Superman."

It was nice to know the writers thought it was stupid, too.

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