Tuesday 24 July 2012

First Official Rejection

I have my official rejection from Harlequin.  They liked my concept and thought my writing had potential but weren't satisfied with how I set up the romantic tension.

It's one step closer in my goal to being a published writer, since there are always rejections.  At least I have enough potential to get feedback and that's a good sign.

I'm disappointed, naturally enough, but I actually feel better with a specific rejection in hand than I did when I was wondering if my writing wasn't even good enough to bother replying.

My next step is to wait for the results from the contest I entered, the Catherine.  I should be getting critiques at the end of August.  I'll look at what they say and if the consensus is still good, I'll start sending out queries to agents.  And if it's not, then I'll start work on another novel rather than continuing with this series at this time. 

I believe in this story but I'm always ready to accept that it might not suit my writing style at this time.  Or it might not suit the current publishing world.  I'll get it out there one way or another but it doesn't have to be my first published book.

Taking a deep breath and moving on.

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