Friday 22 June 2012


I've been sick as a dog with the stomach flu for the last few days.  However, now my body has decided to cautiously accept that food might be a good thing again, I can start catching up on life.

I want to thank my husband for taking over while I was sick.  Especially since the boys were sick as well.  He's not always comfortable with everything which has to be done but when push came to shove and he was needed, he stepped up to the plate without complaining.  I'm not a particularly good patient (control freak that I am) but it was good to be able to let go of some of the responsibility and know it was being taken care of.

Everyone is more or less on the mend now.  I seem to have been hit the hardest by the bug.  That's how we explained it to Nathan, when he was upset and confused about why his tummy hurt.  We explained there was a germ-bug in his tummy and he was throwing up to get the bug out.  When I was stuck in misery, he was worried and came to check on me.  He told me he did a little dance and wiggled and the bug flew out of his tummy and if I did a little dance then I could feel better too.  It was very sweet and if I had the strength, I would have tried his advice.

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