Tuesday 3 April 2012

Update on New School and Bed Wars

We’ve had almost two weeks now in Alex’s new school and he’s been adjusting very well to the new schedule.  The level of aggression has stayed consistent between this school and the old school, which is relieving to us.  We were worried there might be a major spike in aggression as he struggled with a new routine. 

We’re getting good reports from the teachers, which is a change from before.  However, I suspect his behaviour is the same.  The expectations are what has changed.  But overall, he seems happy and the staff are better able to deal with him.  Which confirms that switching schools was the right decision.

Transportation is working out, too.  The morning driver is quite cheerful and friendly.  I wish Alex didn’t have to spend as long in the car but maybe we’ll get lucky and a spot will open in a closer school for next September. 

Our latest strategy in bedding is working out as well.  We got a two inch plastic covered foam camping mattress and put that on Alex’s bed covered by a doubled-over duvet.  It’s a little more cushiony than the duvet on its own and so far he hasn’t tried to tear apart the mattress.  When he has an overnight accident, we can just switch out the duvet and wash it.  We have three of them to make sure he always has one.

I’m sure he will eventually find a way around what we’ve done.  He always has.  We’re always working on short term solutions.  But sometimes if you string enough short term solutions together, you can give yourself enough time to deal with the underlying issue.

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