Wednesday 25 April 2012

Still Waiting

Still no word from Harlequin about my first three chapters.  I've been told it can take quite awhile for a manuscript to work its way through the pile so no word means either the manuscript hasn't been read or it was so awful that it's not worth replying to.  I feel fairly safe in assuming mine is not that horrible.

The first week was definitely the most stressful.  I must have checked my email five or six times a day looking for a response.  But now I'm calmer about it.  One way or another, it doesn't really matter.  If Harlequin wants to pay me to publish it, great!  If not, then there are still lots of other avenues to explore.

Teresa Wilde, from ORWA, made a great speech during the February brunch about how the publishing houses no longer have absolute control over the market.  She's self-published a great series of books that were turned down by the major houses.

I still want to try traditional publishing but there is a reassurance in knowing that my belief in my story is the most important part.  With that, even a "no" is only a temporary obstacle.

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