Monday 2 April 2012

New Madonna CD

Let’s start off by admitting I’m completely biased here.  I’ve been a Madonna fan for over twenty-five years and it’s obvious to anyone who glances at my iPod.  Those who follow the blog (or who know me) know that I was over the moon thrilled to get tickets to her concert.  So I’m not exactly an objective audience but that’s not going to stop me from talking about the new album, MDNA. 

Unsurprisingly, I’m enjoying it immensely.  It took me awhile to catch the ecstasy reference (MDMA) since I’ve never been terribly involved in the drug or rave culture.  But I got there eventually.

I immediately loved the tracks Girls Gone Wild and Gang Bang.  Both are great party dance songs.  From the lyrics, I guess Madonna is still working out some anger issues with her ex-husband.  The chorus: “Bang, bang, shot you dead / Shot my lover in the head / Now my lover is dead / And I have no regrets” doesn’t leave a lot to be interpreted.  I still love it though. 

She’s also got one regretful song among the others.  I F*cked Up is wistful about a previous relationship.

I’m also enjoying I Don’t Give A, I'm Addicted and Give Me All Your Luvin.  Right now, the other tracks aren’t quite doing it for me.  They feel a little generic.  However, I’ve felt that way about songs before and then ended up absolutely loving them once I listened to them often enough to catch the subtleties.

Confessions On The Dance Floor still remains my absolute favourite album of hers.  That one clicked with me immediately and there was only two songs on the entire album which I didn’t immediately love.  Hard Candy took me a little longer to warm up to but I still listen to it regularly.  After listening to that album, I wasn’t surprised when she announced her divorce mid-tour.  Songs like She’s Not Me and Miles Away definitely hinted at trouble.

I’ve got every album from Like A Prayer onward.  I’ve even got the American Pie single.  Madonna has yet to disappoint me musically.

One of the things I like about Madonna is her unapologetic stance on life.  I may not always agree with what she says (or does) but I admire a woman who stands up and doesn’t let others’ judgment affect her.  So often women are frightened out of doing things because they worry what others will think.  It’s good to have a role model who isn’t.

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