Sunday 1 April 2012

And Here's The Pitch

Today I broke my pitching virginity.  Luckily the editor was gentle with me.

I think the results are pretty good.  The editor in question doesn’t cover the branch of Harlequin which my work would fall under but she said she would talk to the editor in charge of that branch and email me if they were interested.

It’s good to have the experience under my belt.  When I get another chance to pitch, I’ll be more comfortable.  I still need to work on my hooks to get people interested.  Clearly, I was not meant for a career in advertising.  But the editor did like my slogan from my business cards (where alternate realities become ultimate fantasies). 

Next time I’ll also be better with understanding the questions being asked.  She asked who my audience were and I interpreted it as a marketing request when what she meant was adult or young adult.  I got there eventually.

I like to think those mistakes were fairly minor.  We’ll see how things play out but overall, I think it was a reasonable result for my first time.

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