Saturday, 17 March 2012

Funky Fog Effect

I was driving home late last night.  There had been a lot of fog out in the rural areas but as I came into the city, I saw something spectacular.

The fog was hovering about twenty feet above the road and it was only a few feet thick.  A thick gray blanket stretched across the countryside as far as you could see.  But then as I got closer, it got even cooler.  The streetlights poking up through it were casting perfect circles of rosy-lavender mist.  You could see faint cones stretching up from the circles to the lights but mostly you saw these massive disks surrounding each and every lamp post.

It looked like something from a science fiction movie, where cities are suspended on floating pods.  It also made me think of some of the scenes in Disney's Fantasia where the winter sprites are circled by the snowflakes or the hippos make tutus out of bubbles.  But there was more of a sense of weight and presence, as if a host of gigantic powerful beings had descended and were evaluating what they found.

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