Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Final Walks

With Alex’s new program, it’s too far away to walk to school.

I’ve been walking with him to school every day for almost three years now.  It’s a little time we get to spend together every day.  Sometimes he’s insisted on running far ahead of me, giving me heart attacks when he reaches the main street crossing.  But there have been a lot of times where we’ve held hands the whole way or he’s leaned against me with my arm over his shoulder as we walk together.

I’m really going to miss that.

This year, it’s been a little trickier, at least in the morning.  Alex and Nathan both want to walk with me, which often leaves Dave the odd man out.  But we’re still going together as a family.  It’s feels natural and good.  Families should walk to school if they can. 

But it’s coming to an end.  I’ve already had my last walk home with Alex.  It was one of the nice ones.  He was in a good mood.  We held hands and talked (or more specifically, I talked and he listened or at least didn’t tell me to be quiet).  We walked slowly, taking our time.  I think he’s going to miss the walks and the private time with Mommy.

I’m going to miss standing with him to watch the city bus go by.  His face just lights up and he jumps up and down with excitement on seeing it.  We’ve used it to coax him to get moving at the beginning and end of the day.  He loves buses and usually visits one of the school buses before we leave the school yard.  He goes in and sits down in the front seat, just as if he was going to go home with it.  Getting him off of it is usually a little more difficult.

I hope Alex will be happier in the new program.  I hope that he enjoys the drive to school.  But I’m going to miss walking with my little boy.

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