Friday 16 March 2012

Draft Five In Progress

I’ve been working on the latest draft of my novel, Lord of Underhill.  It’s been difficult to work this week since the kids are off school for March Break but I’ve managed to squeeze in some time.  If all goes will, this draft will probably be the one I present to the editor in April (assuming the pitch goes well enough that she asks to see the manuscript) so I’m making extra efforts to make sure it’s a good one.

One of the suggestions from the critique group was to change a character’s name so that it was less similar to another character’s.  I’d really been struggling with it.  I just hated all the names I could come up with.  But now I’ve found one that works.  Not as well as my original but still pretty good.  I think I can warm up to it.

I’m pleased with my progress so far.  I’ve written my extra scenes to weave in a new plotline to increase the tension in the first few chapters.  Now I’m going through to make sure everything is consistent and to tighten things up in general.

I’m still trying to punch up my heroine and make sure her enthusiasm comes through without being dorky.  I have such a clear picture in my head but somehow it’s not coming across.  I’ve been doing some research in the last few weeks, looking at some of the heroines I like who have similar personalities to how I see my heroine.  Funny, smart and with an unquenchable enthusiasm for life.

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