Thursday, 23 February 2012

An Unexploited Wiggly Merchandise Window

My children love the Wiggles and I have to admit that I like them, too.  The music is well written and doesn’t irritate on the third repetition.  The Wiggles themselves are all enthusiastic and walk the line between childlike enthusiasm and silliness.  I recommend them to parents of preschool children.  It’s especially nice to have male role models, since the majority of children’s performers and professionals are female.

You’ve also got to admire their business sense.  They bought the rights for their name and image back from Disney and earn millions of dollars every year through their business.  There’s a ton of Wiggles merchandise available to separate the parent from their money.  I’m told that in Australia, it reaches George Lucas saturation levels.

But as I was watching and dancing at my children’s request, it occurred to me that the Wiggles have missed a potentially lucrative option.  (Or maybe they haven’t and I just haven’t seen it.)  The Wiggly Cardio Workout.

Most of their songs have simple but high-energy choreography.  I was trying to dance along with Get Ready to Wiggle and had to give up halfway through.  A set of between five and ten songs would certainly make a great workout.  And it’s one you could do along with your kids.  I’ve been trying to be better about being active and providing an active role model for the boys, maybe this is a way to do it.

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