Wednesday 8 February 2012



Spend the next few minutes imagining me doing a happy dance.  Because I am. 

I am a huge Madonna fan.  It has been a stated goal of mine to see her live in concert before I die.  I tried and tried but never managed to get tickets.  A few years ago, I went to Toronto and saw her Sticky and Sweet concert.  I loved it.  It was fantastic.  I was on my feet dancing the whole time.  It was expensive, no doubt on that, since I got 100 level seats.  But worth every single penny to me.  I decided that if she did another tour, I would do my best to get tickets again.

This morning, I heard the announcement and I literally couldn’t believe it for a few minutes.  She was coming here?  She hasn’t been to Ottawa in a long time.  But its true, she’s coming.  As soon as the boys were safely at school, I started doing the research.  I found confirmation of the concert and joined the fan club so that I could get the presale tickets.  Twenty dollars later, I had my codes and access to the presale website.   Ten minutes after that, I had tickets on the floor in the third row. 

Pause for more happy dancing.

As you might have guessed, I am very excited about this.  I think the only thing which would make me more excited is if a publisher called to say they wanted my manuscript.  As I was going through the steps, I kept waiting for something to pop up to say “Sorry, not working” or to tell me I somehow didn’t qualify.  But I just kept going.

For the next seven months, no matter how life sucks, I just have to remind myself: in September, I’m going to see Madonna.  And it’s gonna be awesome.

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